Students are expected to abide by these terms and conditions. In the unlikely event of failing to do so, a student may be requested to cease lessons with Jomrenang Academy. A refund will not be eligible in these circumstances.

Students must declare to Jomrenang Academy any existing medical conditions that they are aware of, has which may be communicable or possibly be harmful or not to another person. All information will be kept strictly confidential and it is Jomrenang Academy’s discretion to accept or refuse any student to join in classes.

Parents must accept that at times there will be physical contact between the instructor and their child, in a professional, caring manner.


All fees must be paid in full by cash or ‘online transfer’ to JOMRENANG ACADEMY account before the first class begins.

Once payment has been made for the lessons, no refund will be given under any circumstances. Fees are not transferable to other student or third party.

For each class, a private student requires to purchase an entrance ticket to enter the swimming complex.

No refunds will be offered in the case of circumstances outside the control of Jomrenang Academy such as Government lockdowns or anything related to Covid-19. 

However, consideration of replacement classes may be given the option to bring the class to a later date if lesson availability allows.


Group Swimming Lesson

The class duration is 45 min. The student should arrive no more than 10 minutes before.

Swimming pool Entrance Included.

The use of the swimming pool outside of class time is not permitted.
Students are required to pay entrance tickets themselves for use outside of class time.

All group lessons schedule is fixed and there will be no compensations or replacement class for absenteeism, late coming or cancellation of any sort.

All group lessons must attend according to the schedule provided.

In exceptional circumstances, for example, when a student has a broken limb, the student may be given the option of carrying class over to a later date if lesson availability allows. In such cases, each request will be considered. Students are required to show evidence from the relevant party such as a clinic or hospital.

Private Swimming Lesson

The class duration is 45 min. The student should arrive no more than 10 minutes before.

The private lesson is designed based on student’s request. Any changes to the schedule, please notify the instructor a minimum of one (2) days in advance.

A student is required to attend at least three classes monthly


The class will be replaced, delayed, postponed, changed or cancelled only under these circumstances:-

  • Notice of instruction or notification by the Pool Complex Management
  • The swimming pool is unavailable or under maintenance.
  • Bad weather that might cause harm or danger to the students and instructor.


Students must follow pool procedures as advised to them and always abide by the rules of the swimming complex at all time. 

Shoes must be removed before entering the poolside and students must shower before entering the pool.

Students are compulsory to wear proper swimming attire and the goggle. Please remove loose-fitting or sharp jewellery, tie back long hair or wear a swimming cap.

It is recommended to bring personal floating devices such as kickboard, swim noodle etc.

Food is strictly forbidden in the pool! Students must keep the pool area clean and always use the facilities provided rightfully.


Photography (other than by the Jomrenang Academy photographer) is not permitted at any time. 

Authorised Photographer from Jomrenang Academy have the right to take photos and videos for technical correction purposes, shared on social media and for marketing as well.

Any photographer / Parent / Guardian / Student who is willing to take pictures and videos must ask permission in Advanced.

Safety is very important! The students and instructor should respect each together and share the responsibility to make sure the swimming lessons are conducted safely.

Whilst every reasonable precaution is taken by Jomrenang Academy to ensure the students’ safety, the Jomrenang Academy and the management of the pool complex are not liable for any claims arising out of injury, damage or loss of life while attending the swimming lessons and this includes all cost and expenses incurred as a result of such claims.


Jomrenang Academy has the right and the full authority to alter or amend any condition of the swimming lessons and promotion, at any time with no restrictions.