Personal swimming classes are very efficient in terms of focus and quality of time with the coach.
An appointments based on availability between you and the coach. No specific time is set.
We have prepared a special module for you to learn quickly and easily understand swimming techniques in just (5) five sessions.
This individual class is designed to teach swimming skills depending on the skill level of the student. The class will begin with fundamentals and work up to competitive skills.
Do your own exercises after learning swimming techniques is great and you will quickly be able to master swimming techniques.
Believe me … I believe you can do it!
Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced

Who, What, Why and Where?

Kids at minimum age 5th years old, teenagers and adults.
Can join individually, with friends, with family members or with  your neighborhood
From beginners, no previous experience, to those who want to diversify sports activities to increase stamina, weight loss, participate in competitions or whatever achievement you want.
To get quality training and technical corrections stroke.
Learning freestyle swimming techniques, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly easily depends on training effort
We provide a swimming pool at Palm Garden Golf Club, Ioi Resort, Putrajaya.
Or at your place near Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, Bangi & Kajang.

Things you need to know

Our Swim Class Based at Palm Garden Golf Club, Ioi Resort, Putrajaya.
The package offered is 5 sessions. The duration of each session is 45 minutes.

Swimming class fees do not include pool entry fees.

(Weekdays RM15, Weekend and Public Holiday RM20) per entry
Please read TnC before registering >>>TERMS & CONDITION<<<
At your location, additional transportation charges will apply. The fee is RM1 for every 1km from our place (Palm Garden Golf Club, Ioi Resort, Putrajaya)
One-way calculation only.
Charges will be rounded to the next number.
Calculation Example: 7.8km x RM1 = RM7.80, the actual charge is RM8.00
Calculation Example: 7.1km x RM1 = RM7.10, the actual charge is RM8.00

Price Package

1 to 1 1 swimmer with 1 coach.   RM500.00
2 to 1 2 swimmers with 1 coach RM600.00
3 to 1 3 swimmers with 1 coach RM700.00
4 to 1 4 swimmers with 1 coach RM800.00